How do I join the club?

Membership in ORG costs $30 per year for adults or $5 a year if you’re under 18. Dues are payable when joining. You can join the club at any scheduled launch (or at the AGM, usually held in late October, early November.) Guests are free and your first visit is also free. Just bring your rockets and motors, we have all the launch equipment required.

When is your next launch?

See our Calendar

How to get there?

Launches info

Can I arrive later?

No. The Connaught Range and Primary Training Center (CRPTC) is an active military facility. Our launch field is in a gated area with locked gate. If you are late, Range Control will NOT grant you access.

At what time are you done? When can I leave?

We have the location until 16:00. We fly until people are done, normally mid-afternoon. You are free to leave at any time. There is a button inside the perimeter to open the gate to leave. Please respect the speed limit on the base.

Can I use the field by myself at other times?

No. Our field is the grenade range at the Connaught Range and Primary Training Center (CRPTC). It is primarly used by the military and the RCMP. The club is fortunate to have access to the facility for free on a regular basis. You can only access it during one of our scheduled launch.

Is your club still active?
Please rest assure that our club is active. This web site is maintained by volunteers, so it may not always be up to date. The best way to see what we are up to is to have a look at our ORG discussion group or our public Facebook group: Ottawa Rocketry Group

Can I fly home made motors at an ORG launch?

No. You need to use commercial motors at our launches as per Tripoli rules. We do not hold experimental launches. We are not aware of any Canadian clubs holding experimental launches.

I want to make my own motors. Can you help me?

No. There are a lot of issues related to the manufacturing of model rocket motors. The number one is safety. Without a solid understanding of chemistry, you may start a fire or an explosion, injure yourself and cause property damages. Many ingredients required are controlled substances in Canada. You need to obtain the proper license to acquire and store them properly. I don’t think you are interested to get a visit from law enforcement.

Also, once you factor the cost of all the equipment and chemicals required, static burn test, you will realise that it is not cheaper to build your own motors and most of the time the results will be disappointing in comparison with commercial model rocket motors that cost between $3 and $30. If you want to save money flying rockets, build light. You will need smaller motors to reach the desired altitude.