Membership in ORG costs $30 per year for adults or $5 a year if you’re under 18. Dues are payable when joining. You can join the club at any scheduled launch (or at the AGM, usually held in late October, early November.)

How to get there: Launches info

Launch Calendar

One thought on “Membership

  1. I have long been interested in model rockets but have never taken the plunge and would like to witness a launch day.
    Are the October dates indicated on the Launch Calendar still good?

    I am very much a novice/beginner and have zero experience, but I do like to tinker and model… I might have a rocket of my own ready to launch for the October 9th launch day. Can I bring it with me and launch it with the group?

    I think it might be a lot of fun to learn and gain experience while being part of a club.



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