Launch Calendar

Please note that you need to be on time to access the range since it is in a controlled and gated area. If you are late, Range Control will NOT grant you access.

Local Ottawa launches are “ORG Launch”.

How to get there? How to get Go / No Go info? Launches info

To contact us: Contacts

Guests are welcomed to our launches.

5 thoughts on “Launch Calendar

  1. Hello,
    I have a 10-year old aspiring ‘inventor’ . I’m wondering if we can come and see the launch and see if it sparks his curiosity. Learned of this through Steve and Meliha Adolph (sons- Ryan and Tommy)

  2. I have my 16 year old interested in rocketary. We have a rocket order from internet. Any he is also started to build amature rocket at home. We need to meet the club and see how we can get involved.

  3. Hi,

    I was supposed to do my level 1 certification on October à the Quebec club, but family obligation force me to change my plans.

    Do you think I could do the level 1 certification on your launch site on September 23?

    Thank you

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