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  1. Hi

    I am a from Space Concordia, Rocketry Division, a student run organization at Concordia University in Montreal. I am sending this email to enquire about a possible location in Ottawa where we may conduct a bench test for our hybrid rocket motor.
    I look forward to your response

    Thank you


    • I’m not sure whether you’re closer to Ottawa or Sherbrooke, but the University at Sherbrooke built a test stand for hybrid motors about 15 years ago. They may still have it, and may be willing to let you use it.

      Are you having trouble finding a place where you can conduct the test, or are you looking for equipment?

      • Hi

        I apologise for this late response, i wasn’t aware that someone had replied.

        We are currently designing our own test stand but have trouble finding a safe location to conduct the test. We are unable to do so at our university due to safety concerns.

        I will try to contact the University of Sherbrooke and see if they are able to assist us.

        Thank you

      • Hi Bill,

        I am working on a MSc Space Studies through an American school online, living in Ottawa. For my thesis I would like to build and test a hybrid design. So I’ve got the same question about test stand facilities in/around Ottawa. At the moment I’d be aiming for between April-June 2017.

        On the same subject I’ve been looking for machining tools either to rent or a shop with time to rent. Any experience in that regard or do you know of any shop facilities?
        My backup would be aluminum and steel 3D printing for which I would want much more standoff distance when firing in-case of disassembly :p

        Thank you,

  2. Hello, my two grandsons, Leo and Eddie, aged 9 and 11 want to learn to launch hobby rockets. Hobby House, is our supplier, in downtown Ottawa. The owner of hobby house gave us your brochure. We are looking for a contact, a location to launch small rockets, maybe a little instruction.
    Hope to hear from you. John

    • Hi there. We launch on a regular basis, usually every two weeks at Connaught Range in the West End of Ottawa. The details are here: http://ottawa-rocketry.org/launches/

      If the weather cooperates, our next launch will be September 27, 2015. As detailed in the link, we meet at the parking lot outside Connaught Range (lot P1) at 9:50AM and go in as a group.

      Hope to see you at the next launch!

  3. Hello folks,
    I live in North Bay and will be driving thru Ottawa, likely this Thursday (mid-day). I have 3 homemade model rockets that I’m looking to sell.
    -Stratus: 34in. tall, 2in. diam. Been launched with Estes D12-5
    -Icarus- 45in. tall, 2.5″ diam. Launched with Aerotech F25-6W
    -Stratus- 66in.tall, 2.75in. diam. engine mount for 24mm, up to 4.88in. case length, never launched.
    Sturdy launch pad for the Stratus and Icarus model. Also have a pack of Estes D12-5 motors. All models have their nylon parachute deployment system.

    P.S: I usually stop at Lee Valley Tools when going by Ottawa.

    Any interest, just let me know. I have a picture of the 3 rockets.

  4. Hello,

    I am speaking on behalf of the uOttawa’s first Rocket Team, and we plan on competing in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) 2018 in Utah, USA. Currently, we are building a test rig to measure the temperature, pressure and thrust produced by our model during combustion. We were hoping to see if it is possible to conduct our tests at your launch site. Thank you.

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